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Staying true to who you are

I want to give you an insight on when i created true essence and what it means to me. So having integrity and authenticity is so important for feeling worthy for me. If I feel like I let myself down in regards to doing what is right and fair it eats away. If I feel like I see something that is unfair in the world it makes me upset and I want to take care of it in the minute. Having so much empathy, being an empath or feeling like you need to save the world can have a draining effect for sure and there are days I just want to be careless and selfish in a way, but that's not my calling, my calling, my passion and drive is to make an impact. I hate feeling like I need to give into others approval and not show my true essence, (not communicating myself fully really gets me feeling lost, like who am I?). True essence is all about positive self talk, embracing yourself and putting your true self out there to the communicate your realness to others and also to yourself.Being  super vigilant on every word you speak because words are powerful and they shape our very existence. I don't want to ever live a lie or pretend i'm someone I'm not, I have had my hardships and my days as a zombie, just suppressing my feelings and trying to survive, just to get by, everyday is not perfect, everyday is progress and I feel like my self talk only gets better. I am a type of person that is hard on myself and it's so important to remind yourself to be kind to yourself. Self acceptance can be hard because of the past, emotional trauma, energy looping.. a lot of times we are on auto pilot and it's difficult to break away from patterns. This candle is about self identity, bettering your communication, accepting everything that makes you who you are. because the way you communicate to yourself and others is a reflection, it's your vibe, your energy introduces yourself before you do, it's what you assume and it's what you set up for the universe to bounce off of. So my hope with true essence and the energy I put into when I pour true essence candles is..forgive yourself, accept yourself, have positive self talk and be authentic.. because no one is you and that is your power.





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