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Moon Spirit: Patchouli, Frankincense and Spirit Quartz Soy Candle

Product image 1Moon Spirit: Patchouli, Frankincense and Spirit Quartz Soy Candle
Product image 2Moon Spirit: Patchouli, Frankincense and Spirit Quartz Soy Candle
Product image 3Moon Spirit: Patchouli, Frankincense and Spirit Quartz Soy Candle

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Take a ride on the wild side and enjoy the mysteries of the universe as you go with the flow to live a life of spontaneity and embrace the adventures of your life path.

  • Each Candle has a one of a kind Spirit Quartz cluster which sits on the top of the lid, and a polished Moonstone that is embedded in the wax to promote wild energy to flourish and live in the present moment.
  • This candle contains pure steam distilled patchouli essential oil which stimulates the free spirit and spontaneity.
  • 6.5oz candle with up to 30 hour burn time.
  • LifeStone candles are handmade and hand poured in the USA with the finest all-natural soy wax which burns cleaner and longer than other waxes. Each candle contains only pure essential oils. All our ingredients are Vegan, Non-Toxic, and Phthalate free.
  • Reuse this decorative crystal lid with glass vessel after enjoying the candle. Our natural soy wax cleans out with soapy warm water leaving no residue. Keep the tumbled polished Moonstone in hand and the larger Spirit Quartz cluster close for use in conjunction with any situation. No glue is used in the process of adhering wicks, making reusing the container a breeze.
  • Natural Soy Wax  Pure Patchouli Essential Oil  Pure Frankincense Essential Oil 

    • Phthalate free
    • Vegan
    • Non-Toxic
    • Double 100% Cotton Wicks
  • Gemstone: (1pcs) Spirit Quartz Cluster, (1pcs) Polished Pink Moonstone
  • Chakra: Crown, Third Eye, Heart
  • Good for going with the flow, adventure, excitement, present moment
  • Mantra: “I am a free spirit, I live each day to the fullest"

Candle Care

Our handcrafted Candles are one of kind treasures that offer a decorative container once the candle is used up. Since there is no glue used to adhere the double cotton wicks- clean up easy. Just wipe out the container with a cloth/tissue while the wax is still slightly warm and wash out with warm water and soap. Wash off the crystal within the candle and use for intention work/ carry it along with you as a reminder of your goals, progress and new habits. For an optimal wax pool- allow your candle to burn for one and a half to two hrs before snuffing or blowing out. Never leave your lit candle unattended. 


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