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Shower Meditation with Rose Quartz Crystal Soap Bar

Stylish Crystal Candles

LifeStone Candles will deliver in many ways. Use during mediation, yoga and around the home. With no glue used during the wick process, and no synthetic ingredients ever, reusing the container is a breeze. Invite a LifeStone candle into your life today.

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Luxury Crystal Soaps

Be ready to be amazed at the change and how your skin will look and feel. Our handcrafted soaps are made in very small batches using pure essential oils and a generous portion of Shea butter which adds a luscious lather and silky feel to all our bars. 

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Into Nature Gemstone Soap Giveaway

Enter to win an Into Nature Gemstone Massage Soap featuring Organic Spirulina, Lavender and Amethyst.
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