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Stop Negative Thinking with Powerful Affirmations

What Are Affirmations?

Affirmations AKA Mantras, help program our minds so that we change our thoughts and start to think that we can accomplish anything. As a firm believer in daily affirmations, I have seen firsthand the powerful impact they can have on people.

This technique works by speaking out loud carefully chosen positive statements to overcome negative thoughts. By repeating the statements often, you will start believing them and breaking limiting beliefs that hold you back in life.  

Reach your goals with Positive Affirmations

How to Use Affirmations

Watch this short video for my three week beginners guide on how to use affirmations in your life today

Combine your affirmation with visualization for maximum impact.

Affirmations can be used in any situation in your life that that you would like to see a positive change such as:

  • Overcoming negative thoughts
  • Sticking to your goals
  • Raising your confidence
  • Overcoming a bad habit
  • Staying focused

Affirmations works particularly well when combined with visualization methods. For example, visualize and write down the change you want to see while saying your affirmation aloud.

By making your affirmations a daily habit, you will begin to see positive changes rapidly. So, what is your mantra?

Affirmation Examples

Affirmations are very important to my personal development and played a large part in my life. When we developed the Lifestone products we made sure that they all have their own affirmations.

Some examples of affirmations that we use in our products are:

"I am pure, I am cleansed, I am my natural self."

“I trust myself, I attract who I am."

"Happiness and abundance overflow in my life, I am always in alignment with my Higher self."

"I am grateful for all in my life and all that is yet to come."

About the Author

A natural health thought leader and advocate, Marcelle Alal is one of the co-founders of LifeStone.

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  • I was a skeptic at first but after a few months, I noticed a difference for sure.

    Caroline S
  • Great read! I’ve been using “everywhere I go I prosper”. It’s one of my favorites in theses crazy times.

    Rachel R

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