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Detaching from limited beliefs- Recreating your life

We live busy lives, and many of us become stuck in everyday life.  We often don't prioritize for personal development.  With our soaps and candles it's really quite simple to remind us of our goals and create the habits and structure for a more ideal inner world.


While we do everyday tasks such as cozying up and lighting a candle or perhaps coming home and showering after work- we can also reprogram the subconscious to work for our best interest. 


Our soaps and candles are designed to gradually diminish limiting beliefs (things we have learned or have been told to us that limit our full potential and that do not serve the best version of ourselves) and instead replace those thoughts and belief systems with an escape of empowering and high frequency statements, captivating natural scents, beautiful colors, shapes and energies to excite feelings, thoughts and visualization- to bring to existence and unlock all the resources and willpower in becoming the real you.


With out a doubt the mind is like a muscle, it needs to be trained. With life there will be things and situations that occur that are undesirable- we can always control our actions, our perceptions and our focus. What we focus on manifests and when we are in control of our inner world and how we react to the outer world that is truly being in control of our life. There is a quote that explains this beautifully " Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional."  and that really is so simple yet sometimes we allow the world to dictate our feelings, our focus and inevitably our time. How many times have you found yourself wasting time thinking about something that happened in the past that you wish didn't go that way- and you found yourself trying to change it in your mind- as if to justify it?


Being present not only heightens intuition but it causes the mind to solve problems for immediate betterment instead of trying to change something only a time traveler can. The law of attraction loves repetition, ritual and routine that is reenforced with emotion and all of the senses. When we think as if, when we script, when we daydream to our benefit, we are putting ourselves in that car, in that beach house, in that dress, whatever it may be- we are laying it out for the universe and making it easier for the universe to bring that desire forward. Everything is energy that includes the words we speak, the feelings we have and thoughts are chemicals in the brain that have vibrations/frequencies. When we feel gratitude, we are in a high energy state- therefor we attract high energy, more to be thankful for. 


This law of the universe is so and- our energy speaks the language of the universe, and it all starts with the habits that shape us. Our childhood, everything we know thus far we have learned, we have been told or identify with it somehow. When we start to change what we identify with and start taking massive action towards the goal, that is when life transforms. Being the captain of the ship that is our life takes time, it's takes repetition but most importantly it takes belief. Belief is the strongest, most potent energy- it can cause disease and cure disease- this quote says it simply "When theres a will, there is a way." 


Now how do we change our beliefs? We do it by un-memorizing the unfit beliefs- the ones that tell us we can't do it, the ones that run down the number of excuses of why it's too hard or fearful - we replace it with new uplifting and lighter beliefs that empower and we normalize it with repetition. That can be done with daily statements such as the mantras we include for each soap and candle and it can be done with meditation, visualization, and practiced knowledge- I say practiced knowledge because when we are learning we are evolving, we are changing and opening up our frontal lobe to see things in a new light to excite creativity which starts to change our energy and in turn changes our circumstances.


Once you start, momentum will kick it and it will only be more normalized and you too will be a believer.

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