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A Mantra is an affirmation, strong statement, word or sound. As a firm believer in daily mantras...I have seen first hand the potent impact they can have on a person.
The same way someone can train their muscles and transform the body.. is the same way a mantra programs the mind to transform, by connecting to the subconscious, it is a matter of making it a part of your life, making it a habit and putting your full honest effort and energy into it.
Mantras empower you to stick to your beliefs, your goals, your efforts and personal adjustments, keeping you focussed no matter what challenging enviorment or energies surround. This daily ritual reinforces the correct vibrations and transform those patterns that no longer serve the better you, your higher self. By being truthful to yourself, mantras fade limiting beliefs that hold you back in life and as a result, seeing changes rapidly. Building stronger self trust within comes easy. Fully enjoy the new and improved version of yourself without looking back. You are in control of your life. What is focussed on is what you will attract.
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