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Grey Moon: Earl Grey, Glacial Mud, Himalayan Sea Salt, Patchouli, Lemon and Pink Moonstone Soap Bar

Product image 1Grey Moon: Earl Grey, Glacial Mud, Himalayan Sea Salt, Patchouli, Lemon and Pink Moonstone Soap Bar
Product image 2Grey Moon: Earl Grey, Glacial Mud, Himalayan Sea Salt, Patchouli, Lemon and Pink Moonstone Soap Bar
Product image 3Grey Moon: Earl Grey, Glacial Mud, Himalayan Sea Salt, Patchouli, Lemon and Pink Moonstone Soap Bar

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Unleash the psychic energy of pink moonstone and harness the mysteries of the moon, producing spontaneity, safe travels and enhancing self awareness. Harmonize, nourish and protect as the glacial mud seeps into your pores.  This mineral-rich natural soap includes more than 60 nourishing elements and wild crafted botanical extracts including kelp, elderflower, vitamin E ,B5 nettle,Mg, Cu, Z, Ag. to promote incredible nourishment and collagen.
Pinpoint and truly discover what fulfills your heart's desires. Elevate self awareness as you discover ,your talents, your calling, your adventure.


  • Each Soap has a one of a kind polished Pink Moonstone for promoting safe travels, inner strength and open up the pathway to new opportunities.
  • This Soap contains Patchouli and Lemon Essential oils for an uplifting romantic musky aromatherapy.This soap contains Pure Glacial Mud which helps detoxifies, exfoliates, softens and nourishes skin. 
  • Each Soap can be used as a Massage bar to improve and help blood circulation and relax muscles. Use to help calm nerves, tighten skin, improve elasticity, promote lymphatic drainage, reduce pore size.
  • Organic Earl Grey: to help calm and overcome stress as well as antioxidants to fight free radicals.Pink Himalayan sea salt for polished skin and removal of dead skin cells.
  • 4 oz soap bar
  • Contains Shea Butter: A superfood for the skin with natural vitamins for a luscious silky lather. Shea Butter adds moisturizing and softening benefits to the skin.
  • LifeStone’s Luxury Soap Bars are all handmade with good intentions in the USA with completely natural ingredients. Made in small batches with luxurious Shea Butter.

Purified Water•Pure patchouli essential oil Pure lemon essential oil Saponified Organic Coconut OilShea butter, Castor OilExtra Virgin Olive OilSunflower OilPure Glacial MudOrganic Earl GreyPink Himalayan Sea Salt

  • Completely Natural: Free of SLS, PEG, No Phthalates, No artificial fragrance, artificial dyes.
  • Vegan and Cruelty-free
  • Gluten Free
    • Chakra: Crown,Third Eye,Heart 
    • Good for:Safe Travels,Free Spirit,Adventure,Smooth skin, Exfoliation,Hope,Detoxification,Softer Skin,Psychic Defense,Self awareness
    • Gemstone: Tumbled Pink Moonstone for safe travels
    • Mantra:"Moonlight enlightens the path where freedom grows and brilliant fulfillment is inevitable."

    Prior to placing stones inside of soaps and candles all of our stones are smudge cleansed or salt water cleared (depending on the stone) and then charged and energized with lunar energy by placing under moonlight overnight. 

    Soap Care

    Our handcrafted soaps are much different than commercial soaps. In addition to using pure essential oils to scent our soaps, organic superfoods and naturally occurring clays to color our soaps- we also load up our soap with shea butter and no palm oil is used there for our handmade soap is much softer and creamier, it is best to keep dry between uses. Our soaps have a luxurious creamy lather that nourishes and cleans the skin. After use it is best to leave on a drying dish and you may place the soap stone side down to prevent the soap from prematurely melting. Our soaps are hand cut and are all one of a kind treasures, with authentic gemstones from around the world, they last an average of 2 weeks to 1 month when used once a day. Once the soap is used up, you will reveal your gemstone in which to program with intention, carry it along with you as a reminder of your progress, goals and new habits.


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