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Mother's Day- Rose Gratitude Bundle

Product image 1Mother's Day- Rose Gratitude Bundle
Product image 2Mother's Day- Rose Gratitude Bundle
Product image 3Mother's Day- Rose Gratitude Bundle
Product image 4Mother's Day- Rose Gratitude Bundle

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Give thanks and express your love to Mom with this delightful and luxurious Mother's Day Geranium Bundle, which includes:

INFINITE GRATITUDE: ROSE GERANIUM AND ROSE QUARTZ SOY CANDLE - An attitude of gratitude allows more positivity and that is exactly what this candle emulates. As you feel more thankful and concentrate on the blessings in your life rather than the things you don't have, you become more receptive to the goodness that comes into your life every step of the way. Use this candle with the power of the Law of Attraction and Visualization to achieve goals and watch in amazement as the goodness in your life grows. This candle pairs excellently with our Enchanted Rose soap, and you may use both to pamper yourself with a self-nurturing, full-sensory bath allowing you to tune into your feminine nature and power. 

ENCHANTED ROSE: FRENCH PINK CLAY, ROSE GERANIUM ESSENTIAL OIL, ROSE QUARTZ SOAP BAR - Experience the joy that comes from living with more gratitude as you pamper yourself with this heart-opening soap. Our sweet-smelling Enchanted Rose soap features rose geranium oil that helps you radiate both from the inside and out to help firm skin, and soothe sensitive areas. Unshackle yourself from anxieties as they naturally drift away and a stronger, more confident version of yourself emerges. The infused rose naturally reduces things you don’t need, such as stress and inflammation as it uplifts your mood and promotes emotional wellness.

GEM GODDESS - ROSE GERANIUM AND PINK BOTSWANA AGATE BATH SALT- Featuring organic botanicals, one of a kind gemstones and cold-pressed/pure steamed distilled essential oils derived straight from the plant. Soothe sore muscles and detox your mind, body, and soul as you soak in gem waters while breathing in pure floral and citrus aromatherapy.

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