Rebirth: Coconut Charcoal, Eucalyptus and Clear Quartz Soap Bar
Rebirth: Coconut Charcoal, Eucalyptus and Clear Quartz Soap Bar
Rebirth: Coconut Charcoal, Eucalyptus and Clear Quartz Soap Bar
Rebirth: Coconut Charcoal, Eucalyptus and Clear Quartz Soap Bar

Rebirth: Coconut Charcoal, Eucalyptus and Clear Quartz Soap Bar

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Rebirth is a powerful spiritual massage soap that combines the cleansing properties of activated charcoal and eucalyptus with the healing powers of Clear Quartz to promote emotional clarity and spiritual growth. The activated charcoal removes harmful toxins from your body that can impede your thoughts leading to unpleasant mental effects, such as confusion and chaotic thinking as well as physical effects such as blemished skin. Clear Quartz achieves orderliness of thoughts and a greater feeling of peace of mind.

Use this soap when you have that all too familiar ‘stuck’ feeling and need what one might consider a juice cleanse for your soul. Rediscover the thoughts, feelings, people, and places that matter to your true soul as you learn to detach from unwanted aspects of your life that are hindering your growth.

Be always present, always renewing and always reborn with rebirth. The time is now to forget the past and focus on what matters most, today. Clear Quartz works in conjunction with activated coconut charcoal to promote peace of mind, remove past hardships and remove toxins. Renewing you back into your clean natural state.


  • Each Soap has a one of a kind Tumbled Clear Quartz that is embedded into the soap to remove past hardships and toxins renewing you back into your clean natural state.
  • This soap contains Premium Raw Organic Activated Coconut Charcoal Powder to remove toxins. Made from Premium Coconut shells from Indonesia, a variation that is more effective and less abrasive than hardwood/bamboo charcoal.
  • This Soap contains Pure Eucalyptus Essential oil which is wonderful for healing respiratory issues and an overall health booster.
  • Each Soap can be used as a Massage bar to help improve blood circulation and relax muscles. Use to help calm nerves, tighten skin, improve elasticity promote lymphatic drainage, reduce pore size and help remove wrinkles.
  • 4oz soap bar
  • Contains Shea Butter: A superfood for the skin with natural vitamins for a luscious silky lather. Shea Butter adds moisturizing and softening benefits to the skin.
  • LifeStone’s Luxury Soap Bars are all handmade with love in the USA with 100% all natural ingredients. Made in small batches with luxurious Shea Butter our Soaps contain pure essential oils. All our ingredients are Vegan, Gluten free, SLS free and Sulfate free.
  • Visualize all that does not serve you going down the drain as you wash.


Purified Water, Saponified oils of organic coconut oil • Extra virgin olive oil • Sunflower oil • Shea butter • Castor oil, Organic Coconut Activated Charcoal, Pure Eucalyptus Essential Oil


  • Chakra: All Chakras
  • Good for Peace of mind, Safety, Letting Go, Personal Growth, Removing Toxins and Negativity.
  • Gemstone: Tumbled Clear Quartz
  • Mantra: "I am present, I am peaceful, I am reborn"

Prior to placing stones inside of soaps and candles all of our stones are smudge cleansed or salt water cleared (depending on the stone) and then charged and energized with lunar energy by placing under moonlight overnight. 
Our shea butter soap will last longer if kept on a soap dish. To extend the life of your soap be sure not to leave the soap sitting on a non-draining surface or in standing water, as this will cause it to melt prematurely. Allow to dry out between uses.

All soaps are hand cut one of a kind pieces and are approximately 3 to 4.5 ounces. Soap may vary in size, color and shape. As with all natural crystals,slight natural variations will occur. Differences only add to the unique beauty and individuality of each soap.

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